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195k Next ride FZ1OA Rally Eureka Springs, AR

Next on my list of fall rallies was for me the 2nd FZ1 Owners Association Rally to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Now while this may be over 250 miles from my home it’s what I consider my  backyard and playground







Back in 1982 & 83 the Wife came up with these as gifts for our year end annual banquets for the Texas Cross Country Racing Association.  She  bought 40 of them and painted up 36 for gifts.  Last month she took the last  ones off the shelf in the garage (been sitting there for 29 years) and painted them up and said to use them on the Arkansas Ride.  One was given to fz1girl for the miles she has put on her FZ1, one to Hotboots for his Bambi Adventure, and one to the Wolf Tamer for driving as far as she did for 1 day of riding with the group and one for Jim for being Jim.


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