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200k Party at Maxey’s Cycle….

Party was amazing :)

I will post some pics when I get my hands on some. I was too busy talking and being talked about….

I got there 30 minutes early and people were already gathering so barely had time to take it all in.

Danny’s shop is set up with the showroom in one building and the parts/service in another building. They are separated by the driveway that goes back to setup and other buildings.

I had driven my truck down with my gear plus I took my ceramic monkey that Harold gave me and the mirror that Tanya(parts manager) had made. I really wanted everyone to see the special things I have received.









Arrived to find my bike sitting on one side of this driveway between buildings on it’s center stand on a carpet with one of those things that rope off bikes (sorry can’t think what it’s called). Beside it was a table that I could put my monkey, mirror, helmet on and it already had a couple of cards, Yamaha t-shirts, mouse pads, Yamaha cleaning kit, Yamaha motorcycle jacket, a few stickers and key rings.

On the other side were 2 more tables with a grill sitting beside it. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, potato salad, cake, cookies, cupcakes and drinks.

Photographer from the Daily Oklahoman was there and busy already taking pictures of my bike. I added my tail pack to the bike and put on the GPS and radar detector so that the bike would look like it does when I’m riding it.

My little sister, her 3 kids and a few of my other non-motorcycling friends showed up. Motorcycle friends I hadn’t seen in years showed up along with a lot of the folks from the shop. A few could only stay a few minutes as they had other commitments but others were able to stay for the cookout too. I’m guessing that there were around 50 maybe more folks there.

The photographer wandered around taking pictures and I’m sure that I was probably talking non-stop in every one of them :) They brought out every chair, bench and stool that they had in the office, showroom, parts and service area and it still wasn’t enough for everyone.

I don’t know how long the link will be up at the Oklahoman but I’m going to add it here.


Danny said a few words and told a few stories on me as I knew he would. A few others got to tell a few stories also and they even sang Happy Birthday to me since my birthday is in just a little over a week. I even told a few stories on myself about how I came to ride.

Then the hamburgers and hotdogs started coming off the grill so it was time to eat. I wandered from group to group talking and catching up on what everyone had been doing since I had last seen them. A few of these riders I hadn’t seen in several years and others I had seen recently but it was great to talk to all of them.

I hope someone got a picture of it but my little sister and several others just sat down on the driveway to eat and talk since there were not enough seats to go around.

As the sun was going down people started to leave and it was time to take my baby home. One of my friends was nice enough to drive my truck home and I got on my bike for the ride home. So both are safely tucked in the garage where they belong. I will admit even with all the stuff in my garage it had looked pretty bare without my bike sitting there.

When I got home I realized that there was an envelope from the service department and they had done a service including oil change and filter. I had wondered why when I got there and had asked parts to give me a filter(parts was closing at that time so I will have to pay for it next week) Tonya started to say something and then just handed it to me. Now I understand why as I won’t need to do an oil change for a couple of months. Oh well it never hurts to keep a spare filter on hand.

So I have a new PR3 rear tire and by late next week will have a new PR3 front. That along with the free service I just received I am good to go for the spring and a summer riding.

After I got home I called Steve who is doing an article also to submit to Thunder Roads Magazine of OK and AR. He’s going to send me his pictures over the next couple of days and I’m hoping that the Daily Oklahoman will let me have a few of those pictures.

All in all I was simply amazed at the effort that Danny and the entire staff of Maxey’s Cycle went to in putting together this party.

Now it’s time to go ride and I’ve already made plans to meet friends for breakfast in the morning :)

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