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FZ1 maintenance records.

For those of you that have asked here are my maintenance records.  In the beginning I wasn’t very good about keeping this up but I think it’s a fairly acurate representation of the things I have done to my bike.

FZ1 Maintenance Records


  1. ….only know you through Yahoo but still proud of you!

    Took my brothers 2002 FZ1 back yesterday after doing th 520 chain/sprocket conversion and oil/filter.

    ~300 easy miles
    rubber side down

    1. fz1grl says:

      Nice brother :-) you want to adopt me. I’ll even bring the bike to you.


  2. Andy says:

    You tried a variety of Tires. Any comments or favorites?

    1. fz1grl says:

      I don’t ride aggressive enough to need a real sticky tire but go more for the 8-10k range tires. I’m currently running the Michelen Pilot Road 3 and have liked them so far. I even liked the Shinko 009’s that I ran a couple of sets of.

  3. Marc Briggs says:

    When you did the valve check at 26k were they within spec ? Thanks, Marc.

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Marc,
      Sorry for the tardy reply. All 3 of my valve checks have been within spec or so my mechanic tells me.
      I did the 1st one at 26k, the 2nd around 52k and then didn’t do one until 162k and only the 2 exhaust valves needed adjusting but even then they were still within spec. Haven’t done one since and am now at 219k. My mileage is down the last couple of years and I’m scared to check as I think this may be the lowest year since I had the bike. I know I turned over 222,222 miles at the fz1 rally in early May but I’m guessing under 10k this year which is depressing for my. I plan to do better next year but we’ll see.

  4. Bret says:

    Are you still riding the FZ1 and what mileage are you up to?? Thanks, Bret

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Bret,
      Yes I’m still riding this bike. I just haven’t been keeping up this page like I should.
      I’m just about to turn over 272,000 miles and if I get a chance to do the FZ1 rally in Arkansas this weekend should be able to do that plus a few more miles.
      Denise aka fz1grl

  5. Dave says:

    My 2003 FZ1 has only 70,000 miles. A baby compared to yours. Your riding is very impressive. Thank you for sharing with us. Any updates??? Still riding your FZ1?? Mileage?? Thanks!!

    1. fz1grl says:

      Yes I am still riding this bike and can’t find anything I want to replace it with.
      Turned over 274,000 miles last weekend just as I pulled into my garage after a RTE.
      Still no major issues with it and only uses a little oil each ride depending on how hard I’m riding :-) but not so much that I worry about it.
      Not riding as much as I’d like but then I’d say I’m becoming more of a fair weather rider as it’s getting harder and harder to leave home and ride all day in the rain. Getting caught out or riding home in the rain is different as that’s just part of riding.

      1. Dave says:

        Hi, it have been almost 2 years since I checked-in last. Still have the FZ1?? If so, how many miles and any problems?? You should be approaching 300K. My FZ1 has only 80K now but going strong. Hope to make to 100K in the next year. Thanks!!

        1. fz1grl says:

          Hi Dave,
          Yes I still have it but this past year haven’t gotten to ride as much as I’d like but hoping to change that this fall but I’ll be lucky to get more than a few 1000 miles so I still have a ways to go. Need just over 10k to hit the magic 300k mark hopefully in 2022 but it’s getting harder to get parts and also my mechanic quit this spring to go somewhere else so going to have to get a new mechanic broke in :) but it’s looking promising on that front will see when I take it in to have an oil change and my fork seals checked.

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