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200,000 Mile FZ1

Some of you had wondered why I was waiting and while if it had been warmer this would have been accomplished a bit quicker I also wanted to make a special appearance at my dealer’s.

I had talked with Dan Maxey at Maxey’s earlier in the week and said if the weather held I was going to finish out my 200k and would stop by the shop. With just that bit of information when I arrived at the shop, and I’ll admit I didn’t have it timed quite right, as I had to lap the parking lot 2 times but I actually hit the 200k there.

They came out and started taking pictures.

When I went inside I found they had been waiting for me.

Tanya the parts manager had gone back as far as she could thru my tickets and tried to figure out how much I had done to the bike. She then etched this into the mirror along with the photo and had everyone at the shop sign it.

Oh and this isn’t all Danny has planned for me

When I get back from Daytona he’s having a party and I’m not sure what all to expect. He took probably 75-100 pictures today that I haven’t gotten yet, was talking about an article he was doing for the Yamaha Dealer’s newsletter and said he had a few other ideas he was working on.

Denise aka fz1grl


  1. Josh says:

    Wow! 200k? Trully amazing. I have ridden my 2010 FZ6R for 2 years and have 58k. I’ve been a bit worried about the life expectancy of the engine, but after reading about you and your FZ1 I feel confident that I can expect to enjoy my FZ6R for many more miles to come. Thanks for sharing. Ride safely!

    1. fz1grl says:

      Sounds like you like to ride as much as I do. Keep on riding and with good maintenance and keeping it shiny side up you will get a lot of good miles from it.

    2. Agustin Rodriguez says:

      Hey bro, just curious if you still have your fz6r ? If so how many miles on it? I myself, have a 2011 fz6r raven and I’m closing in on 40,000 miles!

      1. fz1grl says:

        Yes I still have my FZ1 and just turned over 234,567 miles :)

        1. Sky says:

          Hey I just got a 2005 FZ1 a few weeks ago and I have fallen in love. Lol Also I was curious how many miles you are at now or if you still own it? I’m at 52,000 miles, why oil and oil filter to you recommend? Hope to hear back from you, thank you and have a great day!

          1. fz1grl says:

            Hi Sky,
            Yes I’m still riding the bike. Haven’t found anything else I want.
            Not riding quite as much as I used to only about 8-10k per year now but have turned over 275,000 miles in April of this year and have a few things planned for this year if the weather will cooperate.
            I still use Mobile 1 synthetic and just the stock filter that I get at the dealer. I have started letting the dealer do my oil changes instead of doing them myself now that it’s only a couple a year since that’s usually when I have it in there for service for something like a tire change or this year I finally replaced the steering bearings and when I get a new rear tire next month will replace the chain and sprockets again and probably the rear shock again with another R6 one as this one has 70K at least on it. So it’s always something but that’s why it’s going as well as it has and I’m hoping to make 300k within the next 2 years max.
            Take care and enjoy your new ride.
            aka fz1grl

  2. Mark Kunath says:

    Congrats Denise, that is one huge accomplishment. Enjoy your next 100K ;>)

  3. Catalin Sanatescu says:

    Congratulations! I have the same bike, year and colour but less km on it.

    Catalin from Romania (Europa)

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hey Catalin,
      They are great bikes aren’t they :-)

  4. phil says:

    well done to you and the bike. my Fazer only got 30K on the clock but hope it goes as long as yours. any major work done to engine?

    Phil (UK)

    1. fz1grl says:

      Nope it’s still original with no major problems. It has finally in the last 1 1/2 started to use some oil about 3 ounces in 500 miles or so but it’s not smoking so I figure it’s the valves. My mechanic says not to worry about it yet so guess I’ll just keep riding it. Just normal maintenance items and lot’s of tires :-)

      Keep the shiny side up and keep on ridng it. You’ll get there.

      1. Jack says:

        Amazing! Especially when I realized that it is 200k miles, not km’s :)
        And the oil usage is nothing to worry about and normal for this engine; mine has only 50k km’s and uses a bit of oil too. Only annoying thing is the oil level sensor that warns already when the level is way from the minimum. Only oil pressure is important. For the rest….no complaints on this fabulous and fantastic bike!! Congrats and keep on riding! Cheers from the Netherlands

        1. fz1grl says:

          Thanks. Yep miles not kilometers :-)

          Yes the oil sensor is annoying but at least when it comes on I know I’m low but not serious. However I have gotten to the point I check it every morning when I’m riding and pretty much know if I’ve ridden 400-500 miles it will need about 3 ounces and I carry several 3 ounce bottles when I travel just for that reason.

          Was showing it off to the Yamaha reps here at the Daytona bike week and they took a few pics.


  5. Way to go Denise! Hope you make it to 300K!

    rubber side down

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hey JJ I’ve started on it but have a ways to go yet.

      Take care.


  6. Jay Hutchings says:

    You’re my hero!!! My silver 05 and me have been coast to coast a couple of times but I’m still 170K miles behind you. The FZ1 is an amazing machine all I ever do is change the oil, a chain now and then and those pesky rear tires. I also started riding on a Honda trail bike, a 1963 Honda 55. Congrats Denise but, gotta go now, getting ready for a ride from Sacramento to north east Utah then on to Kirksville Missouri. Ride safe! Jay

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Jay,
      Doesn’t sound like you get a lot of short rides in just long ones.
      I grew up in Milan, MO which is about 32 miles west of Kirksville. I went to my 1st 2 years of college in Kirsville.
      Have a good ride and enjoy.


  7. fz1grl says:

    I love seeing my link or accomplishments show up on other forums.


  8. You are my reference! I’m, in Italy, one of the few to have made 165.000 km and when i saw your miles I told myself that my bike can live much longer! Congratulations!

    1. fz1grl says:

      And I’ve started on the next 100k :) Have a long way to go but have put on 4500 of it so far. Got a new chain and sprocket today and heading for Arknasas this weekend to ride some twisties.

      Your doing fantastic on your and I’d be out riding all the time. I’m going to be in Northern Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in August for 10 days. But won’t be riding a FZ1 but instead getting a Honda CBF 600. It will be my 3rd Edelweiss trip to this general area but I’m still looking forward to it.

      Keep on riding and let me know how your doing.

      Denise aka fz1grl

      1. Alessio says:

        Hi Denise,
        I am tailgating you. My”biancona” is now at 150.000 miles and runs perfectly!
        However your fz1 is always our model.

        My compliments and happy…. roads to you

        1. fz1grl says:

          Great keep on rolling :-)

          1. Alessio says:

            Aloha Denise! 165k miles for my BiancOna! In italy and Europe none have this mileage.Sound good! we are the best! :D

          2. fz1grl says:

            Aloha Alessio you are catching up with me. I’m now just a bit over 228k and hate to say it not riding near as much. I managed 10k last year and hope to get closed to that this year but work has gotten in the way – sad to say.
            Girls that ride are the best girls in the world no matter what anyone says :).
            I would love to get back to Europe and ride again since it’s been 2 years but again not sure that will be in the cards. I’ve done it 3 times in 10 years and have had great roads and great company each time.

            Keep on riding.

          3. Alessio says:

            Hi Denise! :D
            For me, now, 184.000 miles (295.000 km)! And you? Over 230.000 miles?

            Great keep on rolling!

            Great bikes for great bikers!!! :D

  9. Ernie Shipley says:

    Way to go Denise !!! Read about you & your fabulous Fz1 in motorcyclist magazine shortly before buying a blue 2002 fz1 in march. Its the best bike Ive ever ridden.Keep up the good work/fun! Ernie from Ohio

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hey Ernie thanks for the compliment. I know they have writtem me up in STAReview (MSTA – Motorcycle Sport Touring Association), Thunder Roads for Arkansas and Oklahoma, Cycle World had a small blurb about me being the reason for them doing a Bike Bandit Project bike and I responded to a letter in Sport Rider. Plus the local Daily Oklahoman did an article also. Did I miss one? I think the fame is going to my head. I’m at 206k and a bit now and just got back from a trip to Deal’s Gap. Really need to write up some articles for my blog but it’s been kind of crazy lately. I head for the Alps tomorrow but it won’t be on my trusty steed but over there don’t need that big of a bike.

      Take Care and keep on riding.


  10. Sascha says:

    Hi Denis,

    amazing! I learned about you and your bike just yesterday.

    How many miles does your bike have now?

    Cheers from Germany,

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Sascha,
      I thought I replied to you but it may not have posted.
      I love my baby and she now has almost 212,000 miles on her.
      Was actually my lowest mileage year this past one as I just barely hit 10k.
      However I did get to come to Germany last August and put about 1600km on a ER6N which for the Alps was a great little bike. I sure didn’t need anything bigger in those awesome twisties. It was my 3rd trip in the past 10 years and while I’d like to ride other parts of the world I’d come back again if given the chance.

      Take care.

  11. Sascha says:

    Denise, not Denis… apologies for the typo :(

  12. […] I know this gal and she is happy with hers at 200k 200,000 Mile FZ1 – fz1grl […]

    1. fz1grl says:

      I’m still happy with it lol just not getting to ride as much as I used to.
      I’m just over 220k now and only managed 2 very short rides in January. I’m ready for warm weather.

  13. […] times First gen fz1. Great story here….200,000 Mile FZ1 ? fz1grl Notice, too, the last entry is almost two years old…Who knows how many miles she has on it now. […]

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi, I’m not riding quite as much as I would like to the last couple of years. Working too much.
      I have just over 220k on the bike now and looking forward to warm weather starting with Daytona.

  14. Sean Wallace says:

    I have been following your progress for awhile. I finally broke down and bought a last year clearance 2013 FZ1. I am curious what mods if any you have done to aid your travels? Do you camp on your journeys?

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Sean,
      No I got out of the camping habit after several years of riding bicycles across Oklahoma. We at least had a support vehicle to haul stuff then.
      I actually camped 1 time shortly after getting my 750 Nighthawk and figured out really quickly that I carry too much stuff to pack it comfortably on a motorcycle.
      Plus campgrounds tend to have gravel and I’m not good with that.

      I do have a set of Cortech saddle bags with a tail pack that I use most of the time. Plus I also have a 5 Star rack that holds one of my Givi cases from the Nighthawk days. It’s nice when I know it’s going to be raining or when I want to be able to lock up stuff.

      As far as riding distances the important things are to have a saddle that you can stand for hours and hours and also a good windscreen that puts the air in the best position for you. Both of these are personal preferences because we are all different shapes, sizes and ages.

      After that a good throttle lock of some type is nice to allow for breaks of your right hand. I prefer the NEC Throttle lock over the Vista as it just again fits the reach of my thumb.

      Of course I wear all the gear and in the summer that may be vented but it keeps the sun off of me and I also carry water in a Camelbak if I’m not stopping a lot to hydrate.

      Denise aka fz1grl

  15. Sean Wallace says:

    I just did my first oil change & I was wondering what oil & filters did you use to get such remarkable longevity?

    Thanks~ Sean

  16. fz1grl says:

    Hi Sean,
    I used the ones from my dealer :-) which were of course Yamaha and also Mobile 1 Synthetic. I do most of my oil changes unless the dealer has it in the shop for something else like tires about the same time. With synthetic you can go 5k between changes but I generally tried to do them between 4-5k. Plus I’m really good about checking the oil every time I ride.

    I think they are great engines when taken care of and probably don’t ride my baby as hard as probably most other’s do.


  17. Sean Wallace says:

    How about a milage update. :-)

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Sean,
      I’m somewhere over 229k right now and not looking like I’m going to get much more riding in this year. It’s going to be the lowest year yet and that’s just plain depressing.
      Hopefully next year will be better just have to see what happens.


  18. Sean Wallace says:

    Happy New Years Denise,

    I realize my timing is a bit off. ;-)

    On a serious note chain maintenance on the road popped into my mind as I am getting my stuff together for my first long road trip. What chain lube do you use & how often do you apply it. In all your photos your bike chain appears quite clean.

    Thanks, Sean

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Sean,
      It’s never to late to say Happy New Year and it’s never to early to be thinking about the next road trip :-) I’m headed for Daytona myself in just under 4 weeks and counting down the days. I will admit that this is one of the very few times that I actually truck it but then the friend I go with won’t ride down. So I truck part way to meet up and then trailer the rest of the way. 1st few years I did ride that 1st part and had a few snow storms to contend with though I was lucky enough to be in front of or behind them but had to take all my electrics and extra gear so this has been a bit nicer I just have to get it down to my dealer to load for me.
      My mechanic might disagree with you but you are right I’m very good about lubing my chain but he says I end up with a lot of it thrown off under the sprocket cover so he has to clean that up when he changes it.
      I’ve gotten a bit better about cleaning it with WD40 just to clean off some of the old stuff and I know that is all that some use but I don’t feel that is a lube just a cleaner. I’ve used 2 or 3 different types and for me I like the ones that spray on white I guess partly so that I can tell when I’ve got it completely sprayed but the one I’m currently using is Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube and comes in both large and small cans. I always carry the small can in on of my side pockets of my tail pack along with mu little bottles of extra oil. If I’m riding in the rain I’ll lube it every day but if it’s just normal riding I lube it about every 500 miles generally. I also lube it from the inside not the outside so that it will work it’s way thru the chain and not just fall off. I try to remember to lube it the night before or at least before breakfast so that it has a bit of time to set or work it’s way in and not immediately get flung off.
      It’s a nice day today and so I”m going to go take advantage of a rare 70 degree Feb. day. Take care.

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    1. fz1grl says:

      Those are a few of the reasons I still have my FZ1. Other than location of oil filter and you are right about that being in a hard to reach location but doable. Mine gets about 45-50mpg and can go 225-250. Corbin saddle took care of the stock seat.
      At 239k now and still going.

  20. scoda says:

    Hi denise you are simply amazing woman , you have ridden 230 k miles on fz1 , great feat of energy in you , i am also a long distance tourer but still now i used yamaha single and honda single and fours for trip , now i am buying fazer 1000 blue just like yours , 23k miles on it now , can you please guide some maintainace tips like about carb cleaning balancing , service like that , another important thing is TPS sensor is still working or have you ever replaced it on your fazer 1000 ,and wat about exup service please guide me , i am going on a long trip so …please guide me and do you any FB page

    Baltic europe

  21. antonio gobbin says:

    sono a 120.000 km spero arrivare ai vostri traguardi !!
    Italia venezia

  22. Fz1? says:

    […] a uber reliable and fast motorcycle that give a nod to sport-touring excellence in a light package.This gal has over 200,000 on here on the original engine etc. Veni,Vidi, Ridi.Suggested Motorcycle […]

  23. Mike Masson says:

    Any updates? Still riding? Change bikes? My 2001 FZ1 has 61k on it and still going strong. Glad to see these bikes hold up to some miles.

    1. fz1grl says:

      Yes I’m still riding it and am just a bit over 254,000 miles now. Still a ways to hit the 300k mark but I’m getting there. I’ve looked a bit at the FZ10 it would be nice to have cruise, fuel injection, etc but mine’s paid for and it’s familiar :-)
      I keep saying I’m going to update this blog with bits from the last 50k but life has gotten in the way of both that and the riding anything much over 10k per year. Colorado Springs coming up in June for a few days and have already done a couple of Arkansas weekends. I ride when I can.

  24. Michael Flechsig says:

    Hi Denise, I’m 500 short of 100,000 on my 04, and was looking to see where your at on your bike. I don’t see you’ve had to change the stator all those miles, that’s what most worry’s me on mine,( had troubles on a different FZ1).
    Any way just wanted to say Hi and see how your bikes doing.
    God bless, Michael

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Michael,
      I just turned over 257,000 miles yesterday coming home from a Ride to Eat :-)
      Nope my stator has never been changed. I know a lot have had that issue too.
      Only issue I have is that it burns a little oil. Still about 1 ounce per hundred miles unless I’m droning at 75-85 for several hours straight and then it’s a bit more but nothing really outrageous considering the mileage.

      I really need to find a way to retire and also someone to travel with so that I can ride more!!!


      1. Michael says:

        I need to stop worrying about the stator. When living in Texas I averaged 30,000 miles a year on my FZ1s, now being in northern Minnesota not quite that much.

        1. fz1grl says:

          Yep just ride it :-)
          I miss the 1st few years when I was averaging around 18-20k and got those first 200k in just over 10 years and I don’t have the excuse of moving too far north.
          Take care and keep on riding.

          1. fz1grl says:

            Hi Michael,
            Just though I’d let you know that my stator finally gave up the ghost but at least had the good grace to do it in my dealers parking lot after a 250 mile day. So at 286,445 miles I had to leave it at the shop for a week while they got a stator in and replaced it. Battery was somewhere around 5 years old so the drain on it when the stator went did it in too so I have a new one of those too. Sitting at 289,225 miles now.

  25. Grant Irwin says:

    I am amazed at this story, how cool. I have an 2002 FZ1 with 53,000 miles on it and I thought I was pushing the envelope. The shop told me at 39,000 that the valves did not need adjustment. Nice, this is not the story of my Italian bike owner friends. I also have an Italian bike > 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR. I will have to adjust the valves at 10,000 miles. Go Yamaha!

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Grant,
      53,000 is just barely broke in :-) This is one of the many things I love about this bike is the dependability of it and the distance between valve checks and adjustments. I ended this year with 263,431 miles which means I had 13,197 miles for this year. I’ve done a lot more in other years and a few years a bit less but I still love to get out and ride as much as possible. Have a save and Happy New Year.

  26. Ozan Mercan says:

    Hello Denise,

    I am from Turkey, I have a 2005 FZ1 caferacer! you can see “hukukihayat” on instagram,


    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Ozan,
      I’ll have to get over to Instagram and check it out.


      1. Sky says:

        Mileage update? Still going strong?

        1. fz1grl says:

          Hi Sky,
          Yes still going strong. Only managed one other trip since the last update so haven’t gotten to 276,000 yet but have a longer trip planned next month so will post an update after that.
          Denise aka fz1grl

  27. Michael says:

    Hi Denise
    My 04 is at 126,000 miles. At so many miles I worry about something major breaking and being bike less our short summer up north here, which would be horrible for me.
    But I remind myself of your bike, which helps me to sleep better at night. So I thank you and your incredible bike, I should have many miles to go. I’m a pastor which can be pretty stressful at times, but a 500 mile day takes care of that ha ha.
    Any way just wanted to say hi, and be sure to let us know when you get to 300,000.
    God bless you Denise, Michael

    1. fz1grl says:

      Hi Michael,
      If you take care of it and do your regular maintenance they just keep going and going and going. I was gone on a jaunt to Eastern Tennessee and Virginia but ended up going with a friend that wanted to trailer at the last minute so I only managed about 1500 miles on this trip instead of the 3000 miles that I had planned but good company and lots of fun too. I’ve now turned over 277,000 miles so it’s slow going but I’ll get there I hope. You are right a nice 500 mile day or even just a 200 mile afternoon can sure clean out the cobwebs.
      Take care
      Denise aka fz1grl

  28. MrDegenerate says:

    Hi Denise,

    Congrats on these incredible milestones!

    I’m buying my first bike this week: probably an ’05 FZ1 w/ 43K mi ($2700). This will be my only transportation for the foreseeable future as I’m deadlocked in lawsuits with my ex-wife and her creditors (they ruined my credit post-divorce..long story) and thus, have to pay cash.

    I’ve ridden less than a dozen times and the last time was ~20 yrs ago. I’m about as inexperienced as it gets. Frankly, I wasn’t sure buying a bike pushing 45K was even a reasonable idea, let alone a good one. But the more I read about this 1st gen FZ1, the surer I become. Your blog here just about sealed it.

    Question for you or any seasoned riders who might see this, though. There are dozens of equally priced Ninja 300’s, CBR 300’s and the like for sale nearby. As a new rider, would there be any reason to go with a smaller sport bike such as these over the FZ1? I’m 41, 6′ 200lbs (not sure if that’s even relevant..) and I’m retired so no commute. No long trips. Just riding around Houston’s concrete jungle semi-daily.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    1. fz1grl says:

      I’d say you are lucky to be retired at 41 but sounds like a lot of other not so lucky stuff going on.
      The FZ1 is a great bike and if you can control your throttle hand and testosterone (no offense) it could be a great bike but you have to respect it as it is a powerful bike too. If you would like a 2nd option I actually would suggest the FZ6 as there are 2 versions an FZ6 and FZ6S (I think) one very similar to the FZ1 and the other that has more of a full faring. Not as familiar with them but there seem to be quit a few of them around a few years newer and for about the same prices. My friend has that one along with an RC51 and a bunch of other bikes and seems to ride it a lot. Either would work for a guy your size. I would strongly suggest taking an MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and I’m not sure but most states now take that as your driving portion of your motorcycle license and you then only have to take the written. Check with your DMV it is very good whether you have ridden or not before and they furnish the bike so you could take it even if you don’t get this bike. I grew up on dirt bikes but took off 20 years and then got back into them as my page says and still took the MSF beginner course even though I had my license and showed up on a 750 Nighthawk – kind of freaked out the rest of the class but still fun. I’ve taken several riders courses of different types and done a couple of track days too.
      Always check the tires and even if they don’t have a lot of miles on them if you find out they are old over a year or more they need to be replaced so that knocks off value. Old rubber dry rots :-( It’s nice if they have done upgrades like suspension work and stuff but if possible have someone with mechanical knowledge at least check the brakes, fork seals, bearings and ask when the last oil change and what kind of oil. I prefer synthetic but if they haven’t been using it then it’s probably okay to use what they have been.
      This forum just moved so it’s having a few glitches but check it out as it has 20 years worth of knowledge – http://www.fz1oa.com/
      Good luck and let me know if you get a bike and which one. I hope to have 300k by sometime next year.

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